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updated 1 January 2005
By Cranbrook Legal The Cursitor Building, 38 Chancery Lane, London, WC2A 1EN
The documents within The Property Bible? are designed to provide an express crash course for getting started as a Property professional. There is no substitute for experience, but this will at least give you enough information to move forward and acquire some experience and gain confidence, therefore assisting you in crossing the initial hurdle of successfully completing your first deal. By starting small and keeping your risk exposure comfortable, your projects can grow in proportion with the confidence you gain from your initial successes. In a life where the only sure fire things are death and taxes, Property is by far the most solid and comfortable method of building a sustainable base of assets upon which to build personal wealth and gain financial independence. Share booms, crashes and frenzies come and go, but Property is always there. It is the bedrock of our economy and the barometer for economic health. Property is of course also subject to booms and troughs, albeit less violent, and once you own Property it is unlikely to simply evaporate in the way that shares can. It is interesting to note how Fund Managers always head for Property based shares in their ‘flight to quality’ as financial markets tumble. It is a generally accepted rule that there is an 11 year (approximately) economic cycle and that principle also applies to Property. There is a current boom in Property values and Buy-to-Let is currently extremely fashionable as an investment, not just as a preferred alternative to the financial markets, but also as a real alternative to traditional pension arrangements.